The Gauntlet

Let's Talk About This Challenge
Sure, I have the Guest Editor Program to try and keep me on track and writing about things I usually wouldn't write about, but sometimes, even that isn't' enough.  That's why I started The Gauntlet, a reader-dictated challenge of wits, endurance, and pain.

All at your behest, I'll watch any movie, read any book (caution: I read slower than an illiterate snail), view any television show, listen to any blog, play any video game (be warned: I play games slower than a ten-year-old on Grand Theft Auto), hear any podcast, etcetera, etcetera.  And when I'm done, I'll write about it. All for you, dear reader.

I know some of you rapscallions think it'll be funny to toss out some absolute dribble to put me through as much pain as possible.  Get real, man, this is a writing exercise!  Lucky for you, though, I've prepared a contingency plan for just that, and it just so happens, it'll work for us both.  I'll still sit through your punishment, and I'll still write about it for the practice, but if I feel your suggestion has no true merit other than humiliation or a good laugh, it may get relegated to my One-Line Review section.

The Rules
This isn't Fight Club.  There are no rules.  Let your curiosity get the best of you, or prepare your worst and email your suggestions and/or demands to tomfromda (at) gmail (dot) com.