Let's Talk About the Hashtag Comedy Show

Wherein I discuss Royal and Doodall Day 2012, The Hashtag Comedy Show, Tiny Odd Conversations, and the importance of supporting your favorite podcasts.

Let's Talk About The Savage Land and the Savage Times

Wherein Guest Editor Ed Wallick discusses the savage times in the savage land, the human parable, and the seeming disintegration of society.

Let's Talk About Anna Karina

Wherein Robert Patrick becomes our first Guest Editor and discusses women, including Anna Karina, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and why some of these are better than the others.

Let's Talk About the Death of Jimmy Callaway

Wherein we discuss the life and times of Jimmy Callaway, whether or not he's really dead, Attention: Children, and the Criminal Complex.

Let's Talk About Lovely Molly

Wherein we discuss Eduardo Sanchez, his new film Lovely Molly, found footage, and The Blair Witch Project.

Monday, November 19, 2012

We've Moved! Visit Our New Site


We've upgraded our shit and moved on from this place.  Stop by our new, official site for new episodes of Destination: Asphyxiation podcast, new articles, contributions from new guest editors, and more.  Only at destasph.com.

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