Thursday, August 2, 2012

Let's Talk About Starting a Podcast

These are general truths about your character:
  • You’ve never wanted to host a radio show, but you’ve always wanted to be on a podcast.
  • You desperately want to be my best friend/cohort/faithful life-partner.
  • You’re ready to get moving on a new project.
  • You can bake like a fucking pro, but you’re very modest.
As it just so happens, I have the remedy for three of those above-listed characteristics (the modesty is your own problem to solve – try walking down the street in the buff, that might work).  Within the following weeks, as I finish the final modifications to site and finalize domain registry, I’ll be focusing on developing 20 Miles Past Weird, the first-ever and officially official Destination: Asphyxiation podcast.

But I can’t do it alone, people.

I’m now accepting applications for the coveted Cohost position on 20 Miles Past Weird.  To apply, please send your credentials (or lack thereof, I won’t judge) to TomfromDA (at)gmail (dot) com for immediate consideration.

Required skills and qualifications:
  • Seriously?
  • Take a look around this site and you’ll quickly realize there’s little skill to be found.
So, no required skills and qualifications.  However, to be a part of the show, you either have to own your essential recording and/or broadcasting equipment (microphone, home computer, etc etc) or be located in the San Diego area so we can team up in brilliant Technicolor and use my rig together.

If you’ve never listened to a podcast, that’s alright – we’ll consider your position here at Destination: Asphyxiation a learning experience.  During recording, we’ll talk about everything and nothing at all (the same subjects we cover in text on the site), play two games exactly, and prank call those boys from Royal andDoodall.  If I haven’t driven you away yet, go ahead and send that email telling me I have no other choice but you.


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