Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Let's Talk About The Savage Land and Savage Times

Memo From The National Affairs Desk

DATE: August something or other 2012 (it's kind of foggy let it go)
FROM: Edward R. Wallick, MCSE, MCNGP, A+, D.D.S.

Subject: Savage Times in a Savage Land Call for Extreme Measures & Liquor

When the Managing Editor of this site first asked me to write him an article I was somewhat taken
aback. To be honest, he still owes me money and seems to have a talent for disappearing from
any given room that happens to have the poor luck of containing both of us at the same time, it's
a gravitational mass thing. We think heavy. But then I recalled, through my hazy thoughts of that
morning, that his bedeviled text messages (yes, plural! messages!) had dragged me laboriously
from a lovely dream where I was once again being worshiped by several thousand Polynesian vestal
goddesses. This bastard would have to pay for that if nothing else in a just and fair world. Also, I
remembered that in addition to the several thousand in cash, he owed me a ballad with which I wanted
to try and seduce the first real island bred goddess that happens to cross my path. But still, none of this
is unusual for me on any given Tuesday morning.

But then this Tuesday actually was a special Tuesday and by special I don't mean it was 'Taco
Tuesday', which though a great value is diversionary from our topic here. This morning, I found upon
reading the papers, was the day one of my favorite GOP ring wraiths had decided to allow his state
to kill a mental deficient, a disabled person, a special needs person, a dummy, a moron, you know, a

Don't misunderstand, I have no problems with a good public stoning of your whores of Beersheba or
even a lippy divorcee. I like to hang the occasional itinerant wandering carpenter up on some of the
larger Redwoods here in NorCal myself, not for any moral reason I just like to keep busy on Sunday
mornings. But even I have never killed a mental deficient, which is tough for me. That personal choice
in victim selection takes most active members of the GOP and local Tea Party off my 'active roster'.

I do however have a problem with a man whose IQ was tested at 61 being put down like a dog when
he most likely was railroaded. Even if he wasn't, the issue here is his mental culpability, the guy really
believed as they were killing him he was going home to Jesus. What more proof could be required of
his delusion and naivete? A written record of him voting for a Bush?

The victim in this case was an undercover 'drug informant'. Meaning, someone the cops in Texas had
busted for a drug offense and intimidated into becoming their informant in order to reduce or overturn
entirely his own charges brought about by drug activity. This guy was already a dead man because he
broke the first rule, never open your fucking mouth. Don't get mad at me, it's not my rule it's a 'criminal
seedy underbelly types' rule, so take it up with their local subcommittee in your region. In fact if
anything I'd suspect this poor mentally deficient man was instructed to kill that rat by someone smart
enough to know he'd take the fall. Unfortunately for our victim he took that fall and an additional 6 feet
in the end.

I don't understand how we can allow a 'Born Again Christian' to let a mentally retarded person be
clinically killed by a state? It's not ok to abort them but it is ok to kill them with a chemical? Why?
Because a bullshit piece of fiction written by multiple authors who never knew the truth about the
universe all worked independently and then had their works thrown together like some ancient fucking
Barnes & Nobles Classical Stories Collection?

I know an itinerant carpenter who travels all over America we'll call him 'Steve', he is real and he walks
this earth today. I love him! He's a friend of mine! But none the less I wouldn't follow him, or any of
his philosophies, if he died tomorrow because he got hung on a tree by a bunch of whacky citizens
from Oregon (they are literally the closest thing to the Romans in the world today) who were on a tear
for some reason.

There are several reasons for this: First, just like with Jesus we don't know what Steve was doing from
the ages of 12 to 32. It's a literal fucking mystery that hasn't been solved to this day! I'm not even
certain that Steve knows himself actually, he claims he was in schools and working at various jobs but
there is no verifiable proof! We know he used massive amounts of drugs and alcohol during this period
as well as fathered up to 3 children out of wedlock whom he has trouble supporting to this day. Second,
and this is actually the most important reason, following people on blind faith is for children, people
with special needs who can't understand logic or reasoning and stupid ignorant little brained people.

What can we learn from this parable? Obviously, Jesus fathered many, many children whom he
abandoned all over Judeah. Mostly with drunken women he'd met in bars based upon Steves parallel
period 'wandering the lands and ministering to the less fortunate' in North America during the late 80's
and early 90's. Basically Jesus was a whore monger, a drunkard and a meth abuser. And Gov. Rick
Perry is a stupid slack jawed pig killer of cognitively disabled people who follows his 'laws'.

This country was founded on a lot of really great ideals that were great as long as you were white and
wealthy when it was founded. If you weren't white, if you didn't own land or if you weren't pretty
enough to marry up and out of your class restrictions by polishing a good 'knob' then you knew (even
then) that evil is part of America's core. It reared it's head the minute we set foot on the shore and
started killing the natives. It was so full of evil that once we'd killed off the local natives we should
have enslaved we imported exotic natives to do the same work doubling our initial costs. Oh, if only
we'd left more Native Americans alive we'd have turned a bigger profit while we stole the West and
completed our God given quest of manifest destiny.

Today is just another day in America. Just another evil, vile, disgusting little day. We all let a retard get
killed in Texas last week. Because we're either too lazy to fight for someone we don't know or we're
all just too frightened to really stand up and say what we believe when we see something wrong going

Because it's a scary thing when you're seeing the death of the American Dream on a 1080p HD LCD
screen in your living room. Especially when you can't find your ammo.



I'm not sure what that alphabet soup following Ed's name means, but I like his fire in this piece he's written about unjustified injustice in the name of justice.

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