Guest Editors

The Guest Editor Theory
Sometimes, I get bored with writing.  Not because I don't love it, because I do, but sometimes, it's tiring writing the same thing over and over again about the same thing over and over again.  So I came up with this brilliant plan to topple my own self-imposed totalitarian regime by periodically introducing a new element to the discussion in the form of a visiting guest editor.

I'll give the guest editor free reign on one article of their choosing that I'll slap up here, then I'll attempt for, well, let's say a week, to somehow conform my own articles into that of the guest editor in a thematic sense.  Try to broaden my own horizons, y'know?  Learn some things I've never learned, then attempt to bring them to you.  Hell, maybe we'll sit down in a cafe and talk about it together, you and I.

How to Become a Guest Editor
The criteria for becoming a guest editor is actually quite simple.  Basically, you have to know stuff about stuff and you have to know me.  If you meet these two conditions, at some point I'll knock on your door with a bowl of New England clam chowder and ask you to come aboard.

If you think you qualify but don't want to wait for me to show up at your place in my undies, you can always ask me yourself.  The soup in that scenario will be basic chicken noodle, though.

Being a Guest Editor: The Benefits, the Repercussions
Being a guest editor is simple.  You actually don't have to edit anything (does it really look like anyone's editing this stuff?).  All I ask of you, when the time comes, is to write one article.  That one article can be on whatever you want: your favorite comic book, a math equation, Ovaltine, y'know, whatever.  Shortly after, we'll sit down for two beers and a handful of pistachios and talk about what a great job you've done.

In return for being a guest editor, I'll probably buy you a beer.  I'll definitely link to your site for the rest of eternity, and you'll have gained a new friend for life.  And I'm the cool kind of friend, the kind that lets you have your space when you want it.  However, because you were a guest editor on the site, your name will always be met with ridicule and harassment from the general populace, and thanks to that permanent hyperlink I put up, your site will be dragged down into the depths with mine.  And when I said friend, I meant stalker, and when I said cool kind, I meant creepy kind, and when I said lets you have your space when you want it, I meant I'll watch you sleep while I eat all your goddamn marshmallows.

Our Guest Editors: A Brief History
Confirmed Guest Editors include but are not limited to:

Marc Hershon: creator of Succotash - The Comedy Podcast Podcast and author of I Hate People!: Kick Loose from the Overbearing and Underhanded Jerks at Work and Get What You Want Out of Your Job.
Jimmy Callaway: creator of Attention, Children, Let''s Kill Everybody! (and it's offshoots, Let's Fuck Everybody!, Let's Fight Everybody!, and Let's Drink Everybody!), and editor of Criminal Complex.
Ed Wallick: creator of the podcast Don't Quit Your DayCast
Robert Daniel Patrick: creator of Cinema Spartan