Friday, August 10, 2012

Let’s Talk About Writing Fiction

You know all about me and know about my background in fiction and all that stuff.  The truth is, I love writing fiction because I love reading fiction, but one thing I don’t like is posting my own fiction to websites.  So when I decided that I wanted to launch a fiction section here in addition to the many other new sections I’m launching to match the overall newness of the site, I realized there’s only one thing better than posting my fiction here for free – and that’s posting yours for free!

The requirements for the fiction section are pretty much the same as the requirements for the rest of the site in that there are none.  Or very little, anyway.  Here are some general guidelines:
  • Submitted fiction must be written as fiction and in English.  That is to say, no nonfiction narrative essays about why you think [insert substance here] should be legalized, written in Portuguese. 
  • The fiction in question must be written originally by you.  Not because I’m against anyone who isn’t you, but because I’ve gone twenty-four years without getting sued and I’d like to keep my record. 
  • General length guidelines should fall around 750-10,000 words.  This isn’t concrete.  If you send me a 400 word story and it’s the best story I’ve ever read in 400 words, I’ll probably put it up and send a beer and rolled tacos to you via USPS.  Similarly, if you send me a 20,000 page manuscript and it’s fucking worth the length, I’ll put that up, too.  But really, if it’s good enough for me, get that shit published for real.
As far as genre/subject/tone/etc, I could give you a bunch of flowery, pretty adjectives or gritty and mean words to try and seduce you into sending me something in the hopes that your writing will forever be associated with aforementioned nice and/or mean adjectives, but I don’t have time to make up any lists like that.  I have a full-time job, a rock-and-roll band, and the rest of this website.  So let’s just say if you can write fiction and find a way to be a smartass, jackass, lameass, or whore’s ass about it, I’d probably love to read it.  And of course, if I’d love to read it, my narcissism will instruct me that others, too, would love to read it.

Please e-mail all submissions to tomfromda (at) gmail (dot)com either as in-body text or as a Word or richtext format.  Put something catchy and hilarious in the subject line, too, so I know who you are and what the email is regarding.  Then just sit back, have a drink, and watch the spectacularly unspectacular magic happen.

A Word About Rights:
We're not a real magazine.  It goes without saying, but at no point will we ever reserve any rights to any piece of fiction.  Honestly, no non-subscription based website should.  If we plug your shit in to the site here, you're free to send it to other sites/magazines/publishers as you wish.  Similarly, if at any point you believe that your stuff being up here for free will jeopardize your opportunities to ever get paid for it, I'll gladly remove it and wish for the best for you on your side.  That being said, send me some fucking emails.


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